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Astronomy / Space Science - 15.04.2016
Planetary Striptease
Planetary Striptease
Planets of the 'super-Earth? category lose their atmosphere through too great proximity to their star. That is the result of an international research project coordinated by astronomer Dr. Mia Lundkvist, who is doing post-doc research at the Königstuhl observatory of Heidelberg University's Centre for Astronomy (ZAH).

Astronomy / Space Science - Physics - 14.04.2016
Confirmation of supernova explosion in the neighborhood of our solar system
Confirmation of supernova explosion in the neighborhood of our solar system
Approximately two million years ago a star exploded in a supernova close to our solar system: Its traces can still be found today in the form of an iron isotope found on the ocean floor. Now scientists at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), together with colleagues from the USA, have found increased concentrations of this supernova-iron in lunar samples as well.

Astronomy / Space Science - Chemistry - 14.04.2016
Heidelberg Researchers Analyse Chemical Composition of Dust from Beyond the Solar System
The Cosmic Dust Analyser on the international Cassini spacecraft has detected the faint but distinct signature of dust coming from outside our Solar System, from the local interstellar cloud: an almost empty bubble of gas and dust we are travelling through with a distinct direction and speed. This graphic summarises the location of Saturn, and the Solar System, with respect to the local interstellar cloud, and our place in the Milky Way galaxy.

Health - Life Sciences - 08.04.2016
A look at the digital medicine of the future
A look at the digital medicine of the future
In the future, there may be medication that is tailored individually to each patient. Doctors might operate wearing 3D data glasses and thus be able to work with greater precision. Diagnosing rare diseases, which today can still take years, could be done in a matter of days. And we might even have therapies to combat mental illnesses such as schizophrenia.

Health - Life Sciences - 07.04.2016
Researchers block gene activity in bone tumors
Researchers block gene activity in bone tumors
Researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have succeeded in inhibiting the growth and spread of Ewing sarcoma in animal models. This type of bone tumor predominantly occurs in children and adolescents. The researchers have been able to significantly alter the gene activity underlying the tumor's formation, opening up new avenues for potential treatment strategies.

Physics - 05.04.2016
From the atomic to the nuclear clock
Measuring time using oscillations of atomic nuclei might significantly improve precision beyond that of current atomic clocks. Physicists have now taken an important step toward this goal. The experimental set-up that led to the first direct detection of the isomer Th-229m. The various vacuum chambers house (from left to right) the buffer-gas cell containing the uranium isotope U-233, and the instruments dedicated to ion-beam extraction, mass separation and determination of the decay spectrum.

Life Sciences - Health - 30.03.2016
An alternative route to inflammation
Using a combination of newly developed methods, researchers led by LMU immunologist Veit Hornung have defined a previously unknown pathway that triggers inflammation. The immune system in vertebrates is capable of distinguishing "self" from "non-self" components, which enables recognition and destruction of invasive pathogens and aberrant cell types such as tumor cells.

Life Sciences - Health - 29.03.2016
Hospital hygienists' fear
Hospital hygienists’ fear
So-called hospital germs are a big worry for physicians and hygiene specialists as these bacteria can spell danger for people with a weakened immune system. This is especially true when the germs are resistant to one or more antibiotics and surround themselves with a so-called biofilm as a sort of protective shield.

Chemistry - Physics - 24.03.2016
Complex cheese
Complex cheese
What would Italian pasta be like without Parmesan? No other cheese compares when it comes to flavoring dishes. But why? This is precisely the question that prompted a study by chemists at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). They found 31 active flavors that create a chemosensory signature when combined.

Linguistics / Literature - 24.03.2016
Writing Movement
Volkswagen Foundation Sponsors Project at Freie Universität on Relationship between Theory and Practice in Art and Science of Dance with 195,000 Euros / Press Image The Volkswagen Foundation is supporting a research project at Freie Universität Berlin that is investigating the relationship between theory and practice in the art and science of dance.

Computer Science - Electroengineering - 23.03.2016
Promotion of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Four Computer Science Groups at Freie Universität Berlin Join Forces in Dahlem Center for Machine Learning and Robotics At Freie Universität Berlin four computer science groups are combining their methods and applications to better investigate artificial intelligence and machine learning as well as additional possibilities for their application.

Environment - Life Sciences - 22.03.2016
Time-lapse View of Ecosystems of the Future
Biology Professor Matthias Rillig of Freie Universität Berlin Receives 2. Million Euros to Learn More about Consequences of Gradual Environmental Change by Studying Soil Fungi / With Photos How do organisms react as individuals and in communities to environmental conditions that gradually change over a long period? Using a new experimental approach Matthias Rillig and his team at the Department of Biology at Freie Universität Berlin hope to investigate this issue using the example of soil fungi.

Life Sciences - Environment - 21.03.2016
Regional seed material performs better
Regional seed material performs better
Colorful and extensively used meadows and pastures provide valuable habitats for many plant and animal species. However, they have become very rare. In order to re-establish such grasslands, the plants they contain must be sown. Scientists and nature conservationists argue that seed material from the region in which the future meadow is located should be used.

Physics - Mechanical Engineering - 21.03.2016
Sensitive quantum particles
Sensitive quantum particles
The quantum mechanical entanglement of particles plays an important role in many technical applications. To date, however, the effect has been difficult to measure experimentally. Physicists from the Technical University of Munich (TUM), the University of Innsbruck and the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO) in Barcelona have now developed a new protocol to detect entanglement of many-particle quantum states using established measuring methods.

Life Sciences - Health - 14.03.2016
Obesity and diabetes can be epigenetically inherited
Diet-induced obesity and diabetes can be epigenetically* inherited by the offspring via both oocytes and sperm. Scientists from Technical University of Munich in collaboration with researchers at Helmholtz Zentrum München and the German Center for Diabetes Research (DZD) have shown that. For its studies, the team used mice that had become obese and had developed type 2 diabetes due to a high-fat diet.

Earth Sciences - 14.03.2016
Don’t build your model on sand!
Volcanic ash can damage jet engines, and LMU volcanologists have developed a new empirical model for assessment of the risk. Their results show that tests using sand do not reflect the behavior of ash in this context. Volcanic ash is hazardous to commercial aircraft because, when drawn into jet engines, it can severely damage the turbines as well as compromising the operation of other components.

Life Sciences - Chemistry - 11.03.2016
Shaping up to make the cut
Shaping up to make the cut
Before RNA copies of genes can program the synthesis of proteins, the non-coding regions are removed by the spliceosome. Munich researchers report that distinct conformations of a member of this molecular complex play a vital role in the process. Ribonucleic acids - RNAs for short - serve as intermediates in the ordered translation of the hereditary information stored in the DNA into blueprints for the synthesis of specific proteins.

Chemistry - Physics - 10.03.2016
Efficiency of water electrolysis doubled
Efficiency of water electrolysis doubled
Water electrolysis has not yet established itself as a method for the production of hydrogen. Too much energy is lost in the process. With a trick researchers of the Technical University of Munich (TUM), the Ruhr University Bochum and Leiden University have now doubled the efficiency of the reaction.

Chemistry - Physics - 09.03.2016
Mechanism for Radiation Damage Identified
Mechanism for Radiation Damage Identified
What exactly are the processes when x-ray photons damage biomolecules with a metal centre? This question has been investigated by a team of scientists at the Institute for Physical Chemistry of Heidelberg University. Using the methods of quantum chemistry, they examined the underlying electronic processes caused by x-ray absorption.

Health - Life Sciences - 09.03.2016
The gut: performing into old age
The gut: performing into old age
A breakthrough in basic research and the first comprehensive study on the secretory activity of the human intestine: over a period of eight years, Dr. Dagmar Krüger of the Department of Human Biology at TU Munich has examined more than 2200 specimens from around 450 patients with bowel disease.