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Chemistry - Jul 2
It is one of the key technologies for high-performance batteries of the future: the lithium metal battery (LMB). Designed for instance as solid-state battery with polymer electrolyte, it promises a significantly higher energy density than the currently common lithium-ion battery (LIB). However, it is not yet fully developed for the final commercial breakthrough and is therefore currently used by only a few pilot projects.
Economics - Jul 2

International group of researchers with members from Freie Universität Berlin describes the growth strategies of plant roots.

Chemistry - Jun 30

New method for quality control of chanterelle mushrooms - Chanterelles give savoury dishes a rich body and a unique complex flavour.

Environment - Jun 30

Research team led by University of Göttingen investigates flower strips, organic farming and small crop fields.

Life Sciences - Jun 29
Life Sciences

University of Göttingen research team investigates the influence of insect and microalgae feeds on meat quality.


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Life Sciences - Chemistry - 10.09.2013
Unique snapshot of an enzyme in action
Unique snapshot of an enzyme in action
Göttingen scientists unravel fundamental mechanisms of biochemical reactions (pug) Enzymes are the molecular catalysts of life performing vital metabolic functions in every cell. To date, it has been speculated that enzymes literally bend and break their substrates during biochemical reactions. For the first time, scientists at the Göttingen Center for Molecular Biosciences (GZMB) succeeded in experimentally confirming this hypothesis with certainty.

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