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Physics - Mechanical Engineering - 02.05.2012
New Sensor for Detecting Defects in Lightweight Structures
New Sensor for Detecting Defects in Lightweight Structures
Light and strong at the same time – this is what designers want from a material that can be used to manufacture energy-efficient components. Lightweight components made of carbon-fiber reinforced plastic possess these characteristics. They consist of two components: high-quality carbon fibers and a plastic matrix into which these fibers are embedded.

Life Sciences - Health - 27.04.2012
Spin-off Eliminates Animal Testing
Chemical, medication and cosmetic manufacturers are obligated to test their products for possible health risks using appropriate means, as stipulated by various European guidelines. Animal testing is frequently used to determine the dangers of such products to the human eye. Aside from ethical reasons, arguments against this form of testing include high costs, delays due to approval procedures, and concerns whether the results from animal testing can be extrapolated safely to human beings.

Physics - 07.03.2012
Evidence for the Higgs Boson?
CERN In a scientific seminar that has been broadcast worldwide today, the two large-scale particle physics experiments ATLAS and CMS at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Geneva, presented the latest results in their search for the Higgs boson. Three RWTH institutes are participating in the experiments.