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Physics - Chemistry - 01.10.2010
Do you want some ice in your glass of water?
Life is made possible by the abundant presence of water on our planet. But what is special about water compared to other liquids? Atomic studies show that this liquid is composed of a large number of co-existing structures, including crystal-like structures as in ice even at room temperature. This scenario is radically different with respect to other liquids that look homogeneous at all scales.

Chemistry - Linguistics / Literature - 22.09.2010
A new approach to high-performance catalysts
Over 80% of all products manufactured today in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries require the use of catalysts. Catalysts are materials which themselves are not consumed within chemical reactions, but which serve to accelerate those reactions and set them on course to create the desired products.

Health - Chemistry - 05.07.2010
Nanomachines in the powerhouse of the cell
Scientists of the University of Freiburg and the University of Frankfurt have elucidated the architecture of the largest protein complex of the cellular respiratory chain.They discovered an unknown mechanism of energy conversion in this molecular complex. The mechanism is required to utilize the energy contained in food.