Electroengineering - Environment - Jul 12
Electroengineering - Environment
Mr Hamacher, what is a microgrid? In the future, passive electric power distribution grids that supply consumers will be restructured into active distribution grids - microgrids. Using newly created market structures, microgrids will consolidate producers, storage, flexible power consumers and grid interconnections into a higher-level grid layer.
Electroengineering - Jul 8

Venus flytraps are capable of detecting the movements of even the smallest insects. This mechanism protects the plant against starving from hyperactivity as a new study conducted by scientists from Würzburg and Cambridge reveals.

Physics - Electroengineering - Mar 25
Physics - Electroengineering

Part 2 of the series "Under lock and key at Münster University": the vacuum machine at the Institute of Physics is used to investigate spin phenomena The yellow stickers can already be seen from a distance: "Laser beam", "High voltage - danger to life", "No unauthorized access".

Physics - Electroengineering - Jun 5
Physics - Electroengineering

New findings on the Earth's magnetic field: researchers show that the iron oxide hematite remains magnetic deep within the Earth's mantle / Study published in "Nature" journal The huge magnetic field

Electroengineering - Physics - Jun 26, 2018
Electroengineering - Physics

Research news - A team headed by the TUM physicists Alexander Holleitner and Reinhard Kienberger has succeeded for the first time in generating ultrashort electric pulses on a chip using metal antenna

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