Mathematics - Campus - May 4
In the subjects of science and technology, engineering and mathematics - known collectively as STEM subjects - up to 40 percent of students drop out of their studies in the entry phase. A research team from the University of Tübingen's Methods Center at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences has now developed a statistical method that can be used to predict on average eight weeks in advance whether students will terminate their studies.
Mathematics - Astronomy - May 16

Mathematician at Göttingen University and MPI for Solar System Research develops numerical method to calculate how waves propagate inside the Sun.

Physics - Mathematics - Apr 26

The German Research Foundation has awarded €1 million in funding to the early-career research group headed by Dr. David Reutter in the Department of Mathematics at Universität Hamburg. Reutter is researching mathematical theories that describe the behavior of fields in spaces with more than 3 dimensions.

Mathematics - Computer Science - May 3

He wants to make Leipzig a world leader in the mathematical foundations of data science, develop strong research alliances, and decisively advance the use of artificial intelligence (AI): at the beginning of May, Professor Sayan Mukherjee took up his duties as Alexander von Humboldt Professor 2022 at Leipzig University and the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences.

Mathematics - Astronomy - Apr 19

Burkhard Wilking has been awarded the Staudt Prize, and in this interview he talks about the fascination of mathematics. Prof. Burkhard Wilking, co-leader of the Differential Geometry working group at the Institute of Mathematics is to receive the Karl Georg Christian von Staudt Prize for his achievements in the field of theoretical mathematics.

Selected Jobs
Mathematics - 19.05
PhD Candidate in Biostatistics (m/f/d) Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg im Breisgau
Computer Science - 18.05
PhD Candidate in Network Science University of Zurich
Mathematics - 04.05
3 year Postdoc in Statistics Technische Universität München
Mathematics - 25.04
Professor in »Representation Theory« Technische Universität München
Mathematics - 25.04
Professor (w/m/d) für »Darstellungstheorie« Technische Universität München
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