Materials Science - Chemistry - Jan 11
Enormous ecological and economic potential consists in the circular value chain of batteries: The use of recycled materials not only reduces the costs of raw materials, but also enables energy savings in battery production. A review article on battery recycling published in the scientific journal "Advanced Energy Materials" provides an overview of the challenges of new material concepts for battery recycling, "Design for Recycling" as a promising approach of a sustainable battery economy as well as regulations and new battery directive demands in the United States, the European Union (EU) and China.
Life Sciences - Chemistry - Jan 4
Life Sciences - Chemistry

Plants, like other organisms, can be severely affected by heat stress. To increase their chances of survival, they activate the heat shock response, a molecular pathway also employed by human and animal cells for stress protection.

Chemistry - Nov 24, 2021

Spicy substance from pepper gets into breast milk after eating - In part of a recent human study led by the Technical University of Munich (TUM), it was found that after eating a curry dish containing pepper, piperine - an alkaloid responsible for the pungency of pepper - was present in the milk of breastfeeding women.

Life Sciences - Chemistry - Nov 11, 2021

The new Titan Krios electron microscope has been put into operation at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. In 2017, the University of Cologne obtained a large-scale equipment grant of 5 million euros from the German Research Foundation (DFG) to launch a central platform for molecular cryo-EM StruBiTEM (structural biology cryo-transmission electron microscopy).

Physics - Chemistry - Dec 23, 2021
Physics - Chemistry

12/23/2021 - Researchers from Konstanz, Novosibirsk and Würzburg make it possible to read out optically indistinguishable spin states with a new spectroscopy method - published in "Science".

Chemistry - Computer Science - Nov 17, 2021
Chemistry - Computer Science

Bioinformatics team develops method that enables fast and confident identification of small molecules.

Chemistry - Physics - Oct 27, 2021

Researchers look for materials for the future. A mobile phone is full of raw materials: its electronic components contain valuable precious metals, such as gold, silver and platinum, rare metals, like cobalt, gallium or indium, and rare-earth elements, such as neodymium.

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