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salaries at universities

salaries at universities

The salaries at universities depends on the respective university, the institute, the position, the age, and the working experience of the candidate. But often also on the source of funds and the working time. Therefore the actual salaries can be very different.

Salary of postdocs

Many postdocs are working as scientific staff at a university or a research institute. The salary is regulated by a collective wage agreement ("Tarifvertrag für den öffentlichen Dienst der Länder") and the postdoc positions mostly are financed througt external funds. The annual average wage lies between appr. 40.000 Euro and appr. 70.000 Euro and depends on the function, the university, the institute and the age and working experience of the candidate.

Salary of PhD candidates

PhD candidates with a full-time-position have an annual gross salary between appr. 40.000 Euro and appr. 50.000 Euro, depending on the institute, the department and the experience of the candidate. It has to be taken into account, that the universities often only offers half-time-positions. In exact sciences (computer sciences, mathematics, physcics) and in medicine, the salaries are often higher than in life-sciences. In social sciences the salaries can be very different.

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