5 doctoral positions wissenschaftliche/r Mitarbeiter/in

AnbieterJohannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
Erschienen5. April 2017
ArbeitsortMainz, Rheinland-Pfalz, Deutschland
KategorieGeschichte / Archeologie
FunktionWissenschaftliche/r Mitarbeiter/in


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    Call for Applications
    The interdisciplinary Research Training Group 1876 ‘Early Concepts of Man and Nature:
    Universal, Local, Borrowed’ established by the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz invites applications for

    5 doctoral positions

    wissenschaftliche/r Mitarbeiter/in

    EG 13 TV-L

    - 65%

  • Kenn-Nr. 0817-07-wiss-sd
    starting on

    October 1


    , 2017
    . Initial appointment will be for two years with an option for extension

    The Research Training Group is directed by scholars from the fields of Egyptology, Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Preand Protohistorical Archaeology (Pleistocene Archaeology), Near Eastern Archaeology, . In the Research Training Group’s research programme, the object is to record concepts of man and nature . 100.000 years B.C.E. until the Middle Ages
  • starting out from textual, pictorial and material sources
  • by means of examples and to study them in a culturally immanent as well as transcultural respects.
    In order to align the spectrum of potential fields of topics in a targeted manner four main focal points of research have been defined:
    (1) Primordial conditions and elements, the origin and the end of the world (2) Natural phenomena, the forces of nature, and natural catastrophes (3) Flora, fauna, and natural environmen (4) The conceptualization of the human body, of disease, healing and death Topics for PhD theses must be chosen from one of these four areas and belong to one of the academic the . We are looking for dissertation projects that will connect with and complement dissertation projects within . For detailed information regarding our programme for research and training and the academic staff .blogs.uni-mainz.de/fb07-grk- man-nature/).

    Requirements for appointment:
  • a diploma or master’s degree (or equivalent) with excellent results in one of the disciplines mentioned above and fulfil the necessary requirements for studying for a doctoral degree in either Fachbereich (Faculty) 05 or 07 of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.unimainz.de%2Fstudium%2F171_ENG_HTML.php&module=jobs&id=119301" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">https://www.unimainz.de/studium/171_ENG_HTML.php)

    The following documents must be provided:
  • application form ( available on the website for download )
  • a letter of motivation
  • a curriculum vitae
  • a complete transcript of academic records, including the last school report obtained before entering university (Abitur or equivalent)
  • a résumé of the graduate thesis you submitted (3 pages)
  • your graduate thesis in a pdf-file Seite 2
  • an exposé for a PhD thesis in one of the areas of the Research Training Group, summarizing the idea, outlining research questions and state of the art, approach and methods to be used, work and time schedule (4 pages)
  • two letters of reference from members of academic staff allowing us to judge your abilities (to be sent before the closing date directly to the spokesperson)
  • if available:
    a list of attended conferences and publications For further information, please visit our website:
    / *** Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz is keen to increase the number of women among its scholars and . The university supports its members in reconciling professional and . Disabled persons will be given preference if equally qualified. It is recommended to refer to a possible handicap in the application. Further details regarding the application process and the selection of candidates are given on the homep- . You may also contact a member of the Research Training Group’s staff in your . For organizational questions you may contact the coordination office. Please submit your complete application in electronic form (pdf) only no later than

    May 15th, 2017
    to the Research Training Group spokesperson

    Univ.-Prof. Dr. Tanja Pommerening
    (grk1876 [at] uni-mainz[.]de).


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