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Social Sciences - Sep 4
Research report led by Göttingen University reconstructs the Balkan route based on the experience of 500 refugees. The research report -Border Experiences and Practices of Refugees - by the EU project -Multi-level Governance of Mass Migration in Europe and beyond ( RESPOND) - provides a unique documentation of the experiences of refugee-migrants with the borders of Europe.
Linguistics - Social Sciences - Aug 25

Researchers at Freie Universität Berlin investigated structures of discrimination and privileges in the theater

Social Sciences - Environment - Jun 11
Social Sciences - Environment

International researchers demand the active protection and support of diversity, equity and inclusion in science.

Pedagogy - Social Sciences - May 4

During the coronavirus pandemic, developmental psychologists at Heidelberg University are finding new ways of doing research with families. Up until the beginning of the year, many parents were still regularly bringing their children to the Institute of Psychology in order to participate in studies. This is not possible for the foreseeable future, owing to the contact restrictions. Consequently, Sabina Pauen and her team have now invited interested parents to become active researchers themselves. In this way, they aim to learn more about how the present situation is impacting on family life and children's development.

Psychology - Social Sciences - Jun 15
Psychology - Social Sciences

Following the rapid spread of COVID-19 in Europe and North America in March 2020, many people around the world began hoarding goods such as toilet paper.

Social Sciences - Health - Jun 2

First major study on the experiences of women and children in Germany - Around 3 percent of women in Germany were subject to physical violence at home during the strict lockdown period and 3.6 percent were raped by their partner.

History - Social Sciences - Apr 22
History - Social Sciences

It was a surprising discovery that the archaeologists made.

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