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Pedagogy - Social Sciences - May 4
During the coronavirus pandemic, developmental psychologists at Heidelberg University are finding new ways of doing research with families. Up until the beginning of the year, many parents were still regularly bringing their children to the Institute of Psychology in order to participate in studies. This is not possible for the foreseeable future, owing to the contact restrictions. Consequently, Sabina Pauen and her team have now invited interested parents to become active researchers themselves. In this way, they aim to learn more about how the present situation is impacting on family life and children's development.
Social Sciences - Pedagogy - Jan 16
Social Sciences - Pedagogy

Although coming from a disadvantaged background, experiencing violence within the family, having a negative school environment or consuming violent media such as films and computer games have little or no direct influence on potential criminal behaviour among adolescents and young adults.

Pedagogy - Jul 31, 2017

Research news - The Technical University of Munich (TUM) has launched an online platform that provides the status quo of educational research in an easily understandable and transparent fashion.

Pedagogy - Social Sciences - Jul 1
Pedagogy - Social Sciences

Seit der coronabedingten Schließung der Schulen am 16. März 2020 ist in Deutschland Homeschooling in aller Munde. Von heute auf morgen musste Unterricht zu Hause stattfinden und Eltern sahen sich ohne Vorbereitung in der Rolle von Lehrkräften. Was diese Situation für Eltern bedeutet und wie das Unterrichten zu Hause aus ihrer Sicht funktioniert hat die bundesweite Studie HOMEschooling 2020 der Universität Koblenz-Landau untersucht. Ein Viertel der befragten Eltern sehen ihre Beziehung zu ihrem Kind durch das Homeschooling als belastet an, so ein zentrales Ergebnis. Der Bericht liegt nun vor.

Pedagogy - Dec 3, 2019

15-year-olds perform at high levels in reading, mathematics and natural sciences - 15-year-old secondary school students in Germany are good at comprehending, using and evaluating texts. According to the most recent PISA study, their skill levels in reading are higher than the average scores of youth in other OECD nations.

Pedagogy - Social Sciences - Dec 14, 2016

Christine Deters (32), studied Sociology and Cultural and Social Anthropology and now works in the University's research centre for Family-Friendly HR Policies: "Starting a family while you're still a student entails special challenges.

Social Sciences - Pedagogy - May 15

Studie der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin und der Sigmund Freud PrivatUniversität mit Ergebnissen zu einem umstrittenen Thema

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