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Campus - Media - Mar 13

Faszination Forschung. "Faszination Forschung" is the science magazine of TUM. It offers fascinating insights into the world of research at our university - twice a year, in German and in English, in print and in PDF. The latest issues of the magazine. "Faszination Forschung" Magazine no. The physics of self-organisation in biology.

Study reveals how people resolve dilemmas in online content moderation. Online content moderation is a moral minefield, especially when freedom of expression clashes with preventing harm caused by misinformation.

What potential does environmental data offer for the Digital Humanities? How can digital methods contribute to the analysis of weather and climate in the humanities and media studies? Can they be used to explore the present and history of the human-environment relationship? These are the questions of a three-day hackathon that will take place at the University of Potsdam starting on May 31.

Campus - Media - Mar 7

The University of is to set up a research center to investigate right-wing extremism. The project is sponsored by the state of Baden-Württemberg. "Our goal is to use research to help strengthen social and governmental structures against right-wing extremist ideologies and practices," said the Dean of Economics and Social Sciences, Professor Ansgar Thiel , in on Tuesday.

Study on the 2016 US presidential election. Russian Twitter campaigns during the 2016 US presidential race primarily reached a small subset of users, most of whom were highly partisan Republicans, shows a new study.

At Technische Universität Ilmenau, high school graduates have the opportunity to do a voluntary year in science, technology and sustainability (FJN). In this variant of voluntary service, the young men and women gain experience in science even before they start their studies: they work with researchers on a specific project. The voluntary year at the TU Ilmenau starts on September 1. Two research projects are available for selection: in electrical engineering and in media science. The application deadline is April 30.

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