Engineering Sciences

Environment - May 18
Research team including Göttingen University assess the efficiency of agri-environmental measures from different perspectives How effective environmental measures in agriculture are for biodiversity and wild bee populations depends on various factors and your perspective. This is shown by agroecologists from the University of Göttingen, Germany and the Centre for Ecological Research in Vácrátót, Hungary.
Physics - Apr 21

04/21/2022 - Propelling micrometre-sized drones using light only and exerting precise control: Physicists at the University of Würzburg have succeeded at this for the first time.

Life Sciences - Apr 7
Life Sciences

At the beginning of the development of useful and cultivated plants by humans about 10,000 years ago was the domestication of wild plants.

Environment - Apr 20

Effects of a common fungicide differ depending on the plant to which it is applied.

Physics - May 12

Quantum simulator provides insights into the dynamics of complex quantum systems - A quantum system consisting of only 51 charged atoms can assume more than two quadrillion different states. Calculating the system's behavior is a piece of cake for a quantum simulator.

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