This page provides information about the residency requirements for citizens of the so called third countries who wants to live and work in Germany. Citizen of a third country means, neither being citizen of an EU-country nor of the European Economic Area or Switzerland.

What do I need for living and working in Germany? 

  • If you are citizen of a so called third contry and you want to live and work in Germany permanently, you need a residence permit. To obtain this permit you need to have a valid passport and your cost of living needs to be covered.

  • Responsible fot the residence permit is the aliens department of your place of residence. There you can get further information about the required documents and the different types of residence permits.

  • As a citizen of a third country you need a visa for the entry in the Federal Republic of Germay which you apply for at the German embassy in your home country.

  • An exception are citizens from Autralia, Israel, Japon, Kanada, the Republic of Korea, New Zealand and the USA. They can travel to Germany without a visa and get the residence permit before starting their employment.


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