statutory health insurance

statutory health insurance

Who needs to have a statutory insurance?

Every employee with an income under the income threshold (2017: 6.350 Euro in the old west German states and 5.700 Euro inthe newly formed German states) needs to have a statutory health insurance. The current contribution rate (2017) is 14,6% from the gross income and one half is payed by the employer. In addition there is an individual contribution rate, defined by every health insurance (between 0,1% and 1,8%) which pays the employee by his own.

Which insurance company is the right one?

Every employee has the right to choose the insurance company by himself. But which is the rigt one? This depends on the age, the health and the individual life situationof the insured person. 90% of the companies scope of services is clearly defined by the legislator. But you can find big differences in additional services, optional tariffs, bonus programs and the customer service. With regard to the contribution rate and these additional services, it is worth to have a closer look at the right insurance company.

Here you can get an overview about the German statutory health insurances.

In certain cases an additional private insurance is recommendable: treatment by alternative practitioners, single- or double-bedroom in hospital, treatment by head physician, particular dental tratments – these services are not pyed by the statutory health insurance. You can take out an additional insurance as a package or individually.

Features of the statutory health insurance

An important feature of the statutory helath insurance is, that your spouse and your children can be inmsured free of charge and that the doctors makes the invoices directly with the helath insurance.

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