salary payment

salary payment

This page contains information about your monthly salary payment and shows and exemplary wage statement.

How and when do you get your salary?

  • Your salary is transferred to your bank account at the end of each month (normally the 25th). You get a wage statement by mail or post each month (see below).
  • Salaries are normally indicated as the annual gross salary. You normally get 12 monthly salaries, some employers pay a 13th monthly salary which is usually transferred in December or one half in July and one half in December.
  • Gross salary (Bruttolohn) means salary without any deduction. Net salary means the gross salary minus all automatically deducted compulsory social insurance deductions and taxes (see our insurance section and tax section for details).
  • Your exact annual gross salary must be indicated in your work contract. Work contracts often exist only in the local language. Ask somebody to translate if you don’t understand it.

What do the specifications on the wage statement mean?

Each month you get a wage statement from your employer where your exact gross and net salary and all deductions are indicated. (To know more about the compulsory social insurances and taxes, see our insurance section and tax section).

Specification Meaning Example in €
current earnings earnings in money 5.000.- €
+ non-cash benefits e.g. company car, reduced flat 100.- €
+ capital-forming benefits state premium for certain investments (z.B. building loan contract), the so-called "employee saving bonus" 30.- €
= gross salary assessment basis for the calculation of social security contributions and taxes 5130.- €
- income tax according to the tax class and the tax allowance 1.120.- € (age: 36 years, tax class 1, unmarried, without children)
-church tax 8% or 9% of the income tax 90.- €
- solidary surcharge max. 5,5% of the income tax 62.- €
- health insurance (employee contribution) 14,6% of the brut salary, one half is employer contribution 374.- €

- pension insurance (employee contribution)

18,7% of the brut salary, one half is employer contribution 479.- €
- unemployment insurance (employee contributuion) 3% of the brut salary, one half is employer contribution 77.- €
- nursing care insurance (Arbeitnehmeranteil) 2,55 % of the brut salary, one half is employer contribution 65.-€
- capital formin benefits 30.-€
= net salary This amount is payed to the employee 2.833.- €

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