coaching for researchers

coaching for researchers

You are a PhD, a postdoc, or a senior researcher at university. But you have to leave university or you want to find a job in the private or public sector.

  • However, the step from university to industry or administration seems to be quite complicated and you don’t know how to proceed.
  • Having had jobs in research, you have never really applied for a job. You don’t know how to apply and if your cv and cover letter are ok.
  • You have never had a real job interview. You don’t know how it works and you feel quite uncomfortable.
  • You are a foreigner and you don’t know the local customs or companies or you don’t speak German/ French.

Our coaching may help you to find the job you want.

Our Concept

Academic researchers often have done highly specialised research but having no idea how to find a job. There exist no courses and few information for researchers and especially for foreigners looking for a job. We have therefore designed a coaching course for researchers and highly skilled people.

Our course is compact and custom-made, adapted to your individual needs. We don’t want you to lose time and money with a long and expensive training course. We just want you to know the most important things for your job search.You can even send us your application by email and we give you a written feedback what to improve.

Target audience

Researchers and highly skilled people (PhDs, postdocs, senior researchers, ...).


We offer a one-on-one custom program. Design your course according to your needs choosing from the following moduls:

    • Module "Skill Evaluation": In a personal assessment, the candidate’s potential is evaluated (education, work experience, additional skills...) and short and long-term career goals identified.
    • Module "Application": According to target job market, cover letter and cv are discussed and overworked.
    • Module "Interview": Interview training to prepare for the interviewing and compensation negotiating phases.

Do you need an external view on your cover letter and/or cv? Send us your documents by email. According to target job market, we overwork your application.


The candidate knows

  • his skills and how to improve his lacks.
  • how to apply.
  • his rights and duties as a jobholder or unemployed.
  • feels comfortable for a successful job search.


Modules "One-to-one" (1 Person)

Module Duration Fee €
Application / Skill Evaluation /Interview 1h discussion + 1h preparation + Administration 370
Additional hours 1h 140

The prices cover course fee, preparation and administration costs.


The course can be held in English, German, or French.


Scimetrica GmbH, Hardeggerstr. 6, CH 3008 Bern (map)

(Take bus no 17 direction "Köniz Weiermatt" to "Hardegg-Vidmar".)


On appointment

General conditions

The fee must be paid in advance or by cash just after the course.

The customer’s data are kept in confidence.


To register, contact us and specify which modules you are interested in.

Responsible of Coaching Courses

Coaching courses are given by Anna Dabiri.

Any question?

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us!

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