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Astronomy - Jun 25
International researchers led by University of Göttingen find multiple planet system orbiting Gliese 887 The nearest exoplanets to us provide the best opportunities for detailed study, including searching for evidence of life outside the Solar System. In research led by the University of Göttingen, the RedDots team of astronomers has detected a system of super-Earth planets orbiting the nearby star Gliese 887, the brightest red dwarf star in the sky.
Physics - Jun 17

Scientists from the international XENON collaboration under participation of the University of Münster announced today that data from their XENON1T, the world's most sensitive dark matter experiment, show a surprising excess of events.

Astronomy - May 15

Mergers between black holes and neutron stars in dense star clusters are quite unlike those that form in isolated regions where stars are few. Their associated features could be crucial to the study of gravitational waves and their source. Dr Manuel Arca Sedda of the Institute for Astronomical Computing at Heidelberg University came to this conclusion in a study that used computer simulations. The research may offer critical insights into the fusion of two massive stellar objects that astronomers observed in 2019. The findings were published in the journal "Communications Physics".

Astronomy - Jun 16

Scientists at Freie Universität Berlin publish two experimental studies in journal Astrobiology. No 101/2020 from Jun 16, 2020 Instruments on-board future space missions are capable of detecting amino acids, fatty acids, and peptides, and even identify ongoing biological processes on ocean moons in our Solar System.

Astronomy - Feb 17

Planetologists from Münster University show that the meteorite contains minerals that formed under the presence of water on small planetesimals in the early history of our solar system.

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Juniorprofessur für ’Raumfahrtantriebe’ (W1 Tenure Track nach W2) Technische Universität Carolo-Wilhelmina zu Braunschweig
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Professor/in für » Orbital Mechanics and Space Mission Design « Technische Universität München
Astronomy/Space Science - 23.06
Professor in » Orbital Mechanics and Space Mission Design « Technische Universität München
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