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Location: Münster
History - Feb 19
The re-opening of the Archaeological Museum and the Bible Museum at the University of Münster enriches the museum landscape in a city steeped in science and culture, as well as extending university research and teaching to the public in a new and innovative way.
Computer Science - Feb 19
Computer Science

The reproducibility of research results is one of the fundamental quality criteria in science. The demand for transparency of the scientific knowledge process aims to ensure the repeatability of scientific studies or experiments.

Physics - Feb 17

The universities in Twente and Münster have maintained a close partnership for many years. Both universities work together in numerous areas.

Physics - Feb 10

The development of a quantum computer that can solve problems, which classical computers can only solve with great effort or not at all - this is the goal currently being pursued by an ever-growing number of research teams worldwide.

Astronomy - Feb 17

Planetologists from Münster University show that the meteorite contains minerals that formed under the presence of water on small planetesimals in the early history of our solar system.

Environment - Feb 14

A look inside the newspapers is enough to show us that, from climate change to plastic waste, humanity is confronted with enormous ecological crises which have one thing in common: fossil resources such as oil which, directly or indirectly, are contributing to the catastrophes.

Health - Feb 7

Eleven scientists travelled from Brazil to Münster to exchange ideas with their German colleagues at the University of Münster.

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