We are MIBE Speaker Series

Prof. Simon T. Schäfer
Prof. Simon T. Schäfer

Organoids, 3D printing in medicine or CRISPR-Cas - in the "We are MIBE Speaker Series", scientists from the Munich Institute of Biomedical Engineering (MIBE) give insights into their research. The scientific talks last about 60 minutes, take place in Garching and will be streamed online.

At MIBE, TUM scientists conduct interdisciplinary research in various areas of biomedical engineering to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases. How are organoids, miniature organs artificially produced in the laboratory, created? How can mucin - a molecule found in mucous membranes - be used for medical purposes, for example as a coating for contact lenses? How to 3D print complex heart valve scaffolds? Researchers will answer these and other questions and present their projects at the We are MIBE Speaker Series.

This semester, the speaker series starts on Wednesday, 19 April with the following lectures:

Self organization in organoid development
Andreas Bausch, Professor of Cellular Bioyphysics

(Re)Constructing the human brain: Advanced organoid systems to study human brain development and disease
Simon T. Schäfer, Professor of Advanced Organoid Technologies for Mental Health Research

Date: Wednesday, 19 April 2023
Start: 4:15 pm
Place: MIBE lecture hall (room E.126), Boltzmannstraße 11, 85748 Garching and Zoom

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Further talks:
o Wednesday, 10.05.2023: Prof. Petra Mela & Prof. Oliver Lieleg
o Wednesday, 14.06.2023: Prof. Alessandra Moretti & Prof. Julian Grünewald
o Wednesday, 12.07.2023: Prof. Matthias Hebrok & Prof. Maximilian Reichert

NewIn: Julian Grünewald

Curing heart disease with CRISPR

Researchers develop innovative organoid model to study pancreatic cancer

Model system provides insight into the growth of pancreatic tumors

Scaffolds created by melt electrowriting aim to support new tissue formation

3D printed, bioinspired heart valves

Biomolecular film adheres to sensitive tissue and releases active ingredients

Multi-functional bandage helps wounds to heal