Voluntary year at the TU Ilmenau: Out of school, into science

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Prospective high school graduates can spend a whole year working on a specific r
Prospective high school graduates can spend a whole year working on a specific research project at the TU Ilmenau

At Technische Universität Ilmenau, high school graduates have the opportunity to do a voluntary year in science, technology and sustainability (FJN). In this variant of voluntary service, the young men and women gain experience in science even before they start their studies: they work with researchers on a specific project. The voluntary year at the TU Ilmenau starts on September 1. Two research projects are available for selection: in electrical engineering and in media science. The application deadline is April 30.


The Voluntary Year in Science, Technology and Sustainability (FJN) is practice instead of theory. For an entire year, high school graduates interested in studying can work on a specific research project in a subject area at the TU Ilmenau. In this way, they gain experience in science that could not be gained so early on, and gain access to places that others will never go. At the same time, they enter their later university studies: Individually arranged lectures and seminars during the FJN prepare them for the subjects they will soon be taking, and the work they do can be credited when they start university.

On September 1, the voluntary year at the TU Ilmenau starts in two research projects of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology and the Department of Economic Science and Media.

Research project power electronic demonstrator

The Power Electronics and Controls Group is looking for a volunteer to design and build a power electronic demonstrator. The model will explain an operating principle found in most modern drive systems, from the electric motor in battery-powered vehicles to the generator in wind turbines. In this way, this scientific expertise is to be communicated in a clear way to students and, with publicity effect, to interested laypersons.

Research Project Sustainability in Universities

In the field of Media Research and Political Communication , FJS researchers are supporting media researchers in a project of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, which is concerned with the transformation of German universities towards more sustainability. This involves recording, analyzing and further developing communication structures at universities in relation to sustainability processes. Volunteers help plan and implement various communication activities: they produce media content, such as a newsletter and social media posts, organize and conduct events on sustainability topics, and participate in networking meetings with other participating universities.