Universitšt†Hamburg Supports City’s Energy-Saving Initiative

Photo: FHH Energy-saving initiative logo
Photo: FHH Energy-saving initiative logo

Together with businesses, public institutions, and members of the public, Universitšt Hamburg is taking part in the City’s energy-saving initiative introduced today. The goal is to prevent power shortages throughout the city this winter and to reduce energy consumption by 15 percent. The University would like to contribute with its own extensive measures.

Universitšt Hamburg has issued the University’s scenario-based planning for building operations , which also describes 3 different levels of gas supply and possible measures for events at each level. Students, researchers, and staff at Universitšt Hamburg are being called upon by the Executive University Board to minimize their daily energy consumption. With its energy-saving measures, Universitšt Hamburg wishes to contribute to the City of Hamburg’s energy-saving initiative.

-As a university, we want to set an example and will implement numerous measures to reduce our electricity, gas, and water consumption at all locations. At the same time, we also wish to keep the University open for students, researchers, and staff after more than 2 pandemic years. We can only do this if everyone pulls together-and that is why we are also taking part in the Hamburg dreht das initiative. Because it-s up to every one of us!- says the University’s president, Hauke Heekeren.

A specially created provides information about current measures at Universitšt Hamburg and gives tips on saving energy responsibly in daily life. Members of Universitšt Hamburg have already started sending suggestions to a new office email address. For example, there have been recommendations for certain types of lighting or re-thinking cleaning routines. All suggestions are being reviewed for feasibility.