Universität Hamburg among Top-Ranked Master’s Programs in New CHE Ranking

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Photo: UHH/Röttger The WiWi bunker on the Von-Melle-Park campus
Photo: UHH/Röttger The WiWi bunker on the Von-Melle-Park campus
The Centre for Higher Education (CHE) has published its current ranking on master’s programs in business in Germany. Six Universität Hamburg programs were ranked, with several taking top positions for, among other things, supervision and research publications.

Overall, there were 15 different criteria per subject. Generally, they involve a combination of factors, such as number of publications per professor, and the results of a student survey.

The rankings focused on, among other things, the general study situation, the options for individual focus within the subject, and the availability of teachers. Digital teaching, research orientation, and practical application were also important factors. All of Universität Hamburg’s participating programs received top rankings, from the transition to a master’s program to the recognition of credits. The subjects also enjoyed top rankings for research publications by the teaching staff.

The following University master’s programs took part: Business Administration; Industrial Engineering and Management; Innovation, Business and Sustainability (MIBAS); and Health Economics and Health Care Management. The master’s programs in

Alexander Bassen, program director of the Master of Science in Innovation, Business and Sustainability: -In this master’s program, students focus on the ethical, ecological, social, and political implications of entrepreneurial value creation processes. Committed teachers meet with curious students from all over the world. They encounter one another as equals and work together because they all have a goal: the long-term improvement of resource-intensive business on our planet.-

Mathias Kifmann, program director of the Master of Science in Health Economics and Health Care Management: -The interdisciplinary master’s program is a challenging and varied academic program. Teachers and students analyze the health system from sociological and business perspectives to make it fit for future challenges. The degree program is largely conceived by the members of the Hamburg Center for Health Economics (HCHE), one of Europe’s largest health economics research centers.

Getting over 120,000 student reviews, the CHE University Ranking is considered the most comprehensive and detailed university comparison in the German-speaking world.- The results of the master’s rankings have been published on HeyStudium and in parts of the student magazine Zeit Campus. They should give bachelor’s graduates guidance on the many master’s programs available.