Statement of the University of Freiburg in Reaction to the Activities of the Group ’Transformationsuni 2.0’

It is widely understood that the enormous and complex challenges of climate change and sustainable development require fair dialogue at all levels and with the whole of society. Institutions of higher education all over Germany, and especially the University of Freiburg, contribute to this intensively in terms of education and research and institutionally.

Therefore, the University of Freiburg very much regrets the Group "Transformationsuni 2.0" has chosen to occupy a lecture hall as a means to pursue their aims. It also regrets that the group is not currently continuing discussion of the actual possibilities and dialogue, which the university administration already opened with it on the first night of the occupation - from Monday into Tuesday, and into the following day. The representatives of the university administration campaigned several times for a continuation of talks under the precondition that the group left the lecture hall by Wednesday, 22 June 2022 at noon. Unfortunately, that did not take place.

Occupying a lecture hall is an unlawful action. From the viewpoint of the University of Freiburg, regardless of the legitimate positions and goals to be reached, trying to achieve them using such actions is unacceptable, especially with respect to such pressing challenges as climate change and sustainable development. The university administration remains available for constructive dialogue, but at the same time is now urgently demanding that "Transformationsuni 2.0" leave the lecture hall.

The Rectorate of the University of Freiburg

Quelle: Statement of the University of Freiburg in Reaction to the Activities of the Group "Transformationsuni 2.0" - Office of University and Science Communications ( Jun 24, 2022 )

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