Podcast: ’POWERst - emPOWERing first-generation STudents’


In this podcast, two project employees Milena Münchbach and Sarah Siegert will be introducing the project POWERst and explaining what first-generation students are and why this group is relevant in terms of diversity management. In addition, students and employees at the University of Stuttgart will have the opportunity to talk about their experiences as "first-generation students".

Project description

"POWERst - emPOWERing first-generation STudents" is a cooperative project involving the University of Stuttgart, the Amsterdam University Medical Centers and the Sciences Po Bordeaux, in cooperation with the YES-Forum and Arbeiterkind.de.

It specifically addresses the diversity issue of "social origin" and supports young people, employees and teaching staff. The project aims to facilitate university access for first-generation students, i.e. students from non-academic backgrounds, to improve study conditions and to highlight future prospects. POWERst is also committed to helping prospective students from non-academic backgrounds make a successful transition from school to university, thus ensuring greater educational equality.

Due to the pandemic, the project was launched in January 2021. In the following fall, university-wide surveys were conducted to learn more about the educational background, as well as the living situations of students and employees at the University of Stuttgart. The survey findings are currently being evaluated. In addition, the first of two POWERst Summer Schools is planned to take place at the University of Stuttgart in September 2022, with first-generation students from Stuttgart, Amsterdam und Bordeaux.

The release date for this podcast will follow shortly.

Podcast language: German

This contribution is part of the program for Diversity Day on May 31, 2022, which will be held under the motto "Intelligent through diversity. Through diversity to success". The events will offer insight into university measures and projects, specific diversity research topics and practical examples, as well as key aspects of university and corporate culture.

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