International, Part-Time Continuing Education Program at Freie Universität Berlin Starts Its Next Round

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FUB-ContinuEd, the international, part-time Continuing Education Program of Freie Universität Berlin, will again offer online certificate courses in fall 2022. The courses focus on socially relevant topics such as diversity management and sustainability, but also on acquiring and developing intercultural communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills. With its virtual format, FUB-ContinuEd is a sustainable educational opportunity and is particularly suited for people with busy schedules and who can’t easily travel.

The international certificate courses supplement participants’ professional training and qualifications with practical skills for an increasingly globalized working environment. The course portfolio continues to cover topics relevant to a wide range of professional settings, providing courses with a hands-on approach and a focus on specific methods. Course participants can work on building their communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills, while also engaging with issues of diversity and sustainability. The program also includes the course "Academic Writing in German," specially designed for academics, students, and doctoral candidates who need additional support with German writing skills.

Sustainability and participation are crucial to the virtual course format. An international learning experience and professional exchange with colleagues and experts from around the globe no longer requires participants to be physically present on site. "Online seminars can better accommodate learners with limited time flexibility and spatial mobility while saving resources," emphasizes Dr. Kristina Rödder, program director of FUB-ContinuEd. Indeed, FUB-ContinuEd strives to provide accessible, affordable, and "resource friendly" continuing education courses for people in different professional and personal situations.

The fall 2022 course program is open for registration on the. On the FUB-ContinuEd YouTube channel , instructors give personal insights into their courses and share their enthusiasm for their topics. Over the nine-week term, they share important trends from current research and link them to the practical demands of the profession. The online courses (offered in English and German) are subject to a fee and designed to fit around work and studies. With live online sessions and self-study phases, the courses offer participants flexibility in terms of time and organization in the learning process. The courses take place at different times during the day, allowing people from many time zones to participate.

Small classes with six to fifteen students foster an intensive and in-depth learning environment. Participants should be familiar with the demands of academic study and be accustomed to seeking solutions to practical problems independently and in teams. An advanced level of proficiency in the course language is a prerequisite. Upon successful completion of the course, participants receive a certificate from Freie Universität Berlin.

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About Freie Universität Berlin Continuing Education Program (FUB-ContinuEd)

The FUB-ContinuEd Program offers international certificate courses designed for people who would like to acquire academic knowledge and key skills to further boost their professional and personal development. It uses contemporary methods to teach about topics that will help participants handle pressing issues and changes on the labor market.