IENA 2023 inventors’ fair: Flood of medals for scientists from TU Ilmenau

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At the international trade fair "Ideas - Inventions - Innovations" iENA 2023 in Nuremberg, scientists from TU Ilmenau did extremely well in the awards for the best inventions: they received three gold, four silver and two bronze medals. Over 500 inventions from 29 countries were presented at this year’s inventors’ fair. The 15 winning research teams from Thuringian universities and research institutions will be presented with their medals at a ceremony organized by the Thuringia State Patent Centre PATON on 12 December at TU Ilmenau. Representatives of the media are cordially invited to attend.

With an average of 20 patent applications per year, TU Ilmenau is one of the most inventive universities in Thuringia. ...

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