’Green city of the Future’ short-listed for Sustainability Award

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Green spaces are important elements in the urban planning of the future. Image:
Green spaces are important elements in the urban planning of the future. Image: IW / Volker Haese
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Cities and urban lifestyles are a major cause of climate change. At the same time, cities are increasingly affected by the impacts of climate change, including extreme events such as heatwaves and heavy rainfall. The "Green City of the Future" project, exploring solutions to address climate change and densification of the built environment in growing cities, has been shortlisted as a finalist for the German Sustainability Award in the field of research. It’s now over to the public to decide on the winning project via an online vote.

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An interdisciplinary research and development team led by Stephan Pauleit , Professor of Strategic Landscape Planning and Management at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) , has spent three years studying Munich’s green infrastructure in close cooperation with the city administration - and exploring how it can be better integrated into the city. In six urban areas in Munich (so-called ’living labs’) - the team looked at different stages of urban planning - from land-use plans to areas designated for redevelopment - and developed concepts for how climate-resilient urban neighbourhoods can be created. Reflecting on the results of the project’s first phase, Prof. Pauleit says: "Facade greening would make external building surfaces up to 20 degrees cooler, while green roofs could buffer up to 70 percent of annual precipitation."

The implementation and continuation phase is now being coordinated by Prof. Werner Lang ’s Institute of Energy Efficient and Sustainable Design and Building.

The winner will be chosen in cooperation with the science program "nano" (3sat) via online voting (until November 15, 2021). A film about the project can be found here (in German, available until November 2, 2026).

You can vote for the finalists on the website of the German Sustainability Award: https://www.nachhaltigke­itspreis.d­e/wettbewe­rbe/forsch­ung/finali­sten-forsc­hung-2021/