’Frauen + Medientechnologie’-Award from ARD and ZDF: 3rd place for doctoral candidate from TU Ilmenau

Sandra Severin, winner of the ARD/ZDF ’Women + Media Technology’ spo
Sandra Severin, winner of the ARD/ZDF ’Women + Media Technology’ sponsorship award
Sandra Severin, a graduate of TU Ilmenau, has been awarded 3rd place in the ARD/ZDF "Women + Media Technology" sponsorship prize, worth 2000 euros, for her doctoral thesis in the field of media technology. This was announced by the broadcasters today (26.10.2023) at the Medientage Munich. The award recognizes outstanding final theses of young female scientists from the field of media technology. Before Sandra Severin was honored for her dissertation, she had already made it into the top ten in the 2018 sponsorship award competition with her master’s thesis. This is the fifth time that the TU Ilmenau has awarded a sponsorship prize.

In her dissertation, Sandra Severin describes the advantages of cloud-based processes in television production. Cloud computing enables modern television broadcasters to use a wide variety of virtualized broadcast functions much faster than before and to access audiovisual material quickly. The digital production method can be used in a wide variety of television production work areas, such as pre-production, production and post-production of television programs. For example, in post-production, i.e., the post-processing of a magazine feature, different television employees could collaborate from several locations via mobile devices. Thanks to Sandra Severin’s doctoral thesis, television broadcasters now have the opportunity to quickly determine whether cloud production makes sense in a particular production area and should be used.

ARD/ZDF "Women + Media Technology" sponsorship award

With the ARD/ZDF "Women + Media Technology" sponsorship award, the public broadcasters have been honoring women who are working scientifically in the field of audiovisual media production and distribution since 2009. In this way, they also want to initiate contacts with talented people who are looking forward to a professional career at ARD or ZDF. This year, too, the prize was aimed at female graduates of universities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland whose theses deal with current technical issues in the field of audiovisual media.