Cultivating Collaborative Excellence Across Borders

Scientists from DigiCrop.Net - meet at ETH Zurich to visit its facilities and di
Scientists from DigiCrop.Net - meet at ETH Zurich to visit its facilities and discuss new collaborations. © Photo: DigiCrop.Net all images in original size All rights reserved!
Producing sufficient food, feed, fiber, and fuel for our world population while simultaneously reducing the environmental footprint of agricultural production is a great challenge for humanity. DigiCrop.Net is a new platform of four leading research organizations from across the world who aim at supporting this endeavor with technology-driven approaches as key elements of possible solutions. Together, the partners seek to address central challenges and investigate novel ways for achieving sustainable crop production. 

The DFG-funded Cluster of Excellence PhenoRob has initiated the international network in collaboration with renowned scientists from the Artificial Intelligence for Future Agricultural Resilience, Management, and Sustainability (AIFARMS) Institute, ETH Zürich, and Wageningen University & Research to combine competencies and push the state of the art in the field of sustainable crop production forward. "Our goal for DigiCrop.Net is to intensify our collaborations and serve as a hub to connect our partners. DigiCrop.Net brings together key institutions in the field of technology for more sustainable crop production," says Cyrill Stachniss, spokesperson of the Cluster of Excellence PhenoRob at the University of Bonn and