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Career - Economics / Business - 17.05.2022

Career - Innovation - 16.05.2022
Transfer Center enaCom offers protoyping grants
Transfer Center enaCom offers protoyping grants
Up to ¤ 50,000 funding for product validations from research findings From research to application: Up to ¤ 50,000 funds are available for young scientists at the University of Bonn for product validations from their research.

Campus - Career - 06.05.2022

Career - Research Management - 28.04.2022

Career - History / Archeology - 27.04.2022

Research Management - Career - 26.04.2022
EU Research Council awards ’Advanced Grant’ to Lydia Sorokin and Christian Weinheimer
Biochemist Prof. Lydia Sorokin and particle physicist Prof. Christian Weinheimer from the University of Münster have each received one of the coveted Advanced Grants awarded by the European Research Council (ERC).

Career - 20.04.2022
Flourishing trade in workers
Flourishing trade in workers
They have jobs as harvest workers in Spain, on building sites in Malaysia or as cleaners in Saudi-Arabia - mostly under precarious living and working conditions and earning low wages.

Health - Career - 06.04.2022
Profession: Physician and scientist
Specialising as a physician while doing a second doctorate in the natural sciences, medical professional Nadine Heiden initially considered this idea an experiment as there are not yet many colleagues in her field who are going down this road. -I always wanted to do both - take care of patients and do research,- the 30-year-old says.

Astronomy / Space Science - Career - 31.03.2022

Chemistry - Career - 21.03.2022

Health - Career - 24.02.2022
Researching physicians shape the healthcare of the future
Researching physicians shape the healthcare of the future
MHH programme PRACTIS for the training of clinician scientists is supported with 1.3 million euros for another two years In order to provide patients with the best possible care, the latest scientific findings must be incorporated into diagnostics and therapy.

Health - Career - 02.02.2022
'More and more people need long-term medical care'
’More and more people need long-term medical care’
Since statistical records began to be kept at the end of the 19th century, the life expectancy of new-born babies has more than doubled.

Career - 02.02.2022
’Bold solutions are missing’
Many branches of industry are engaged in a desperate search for workers. Experts at the Institute for Employment Research (Institut für Arbeitsmarktund Berufsforschung) see only one way out: annual net immigration of 400,000 people.

Life Sciences - Career - 11.01.2022

Career - Health - 10.01.2022

Career - Research Management - 10.01.2022

History / Archeology - Career - 09.12.2021

Health - Career - 25.11.2021
New Collaborative Research Centre and continued funding for two CRCs at the University of Cologne
The University of Cologne has acquired a new Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) from the German Research Foundation (DFG).

Innovation - Career - 24.09.2021

Economics / Business - Career - 17.08.2021
From self-interest to the social enterprise
From self-interest to the social enterprise
Study reveals motives driving entrepreneurs Not all entrepreneurs who found social enterprises are driven by idealism.

Campus - Career - 16.07.2021

Pedagogy - Career - 06.07.2021

Career - Campus - 05.07.2021

Pharmacology - Career - 16.06.2021

Career - 03.06.2021
Joint Promotion of Talent in the Excellence Alliance
Berlin University Alliance starts new funding line for early-career researchers No 101/2021 from Jun 03, 2021 Joint press release from Freie Universität Berlin, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Techni

Campus - Career - 27.05.2021
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