’A University Requires Terrific Academics to Thrive’

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At the Rector’s invitation, 13 newly appointed professors introduced themselves to the university public

The newly appointed s with Frauke Melchior, Rector of Heidelberg University (6th
The newly appointed s with Frauke Melchior, Rector of Heidelberg University (6th from right). | © Philipp Rothe

"A university requires terrific academics to thrive", emphasised Frauke Melchior. "We are proud to have you with us as newly appointed professors. You have chosen a truly wonderful university," said the Rector of Ruperto Carola at the reception for the academics who were recently appointed to Heidelberg University.

The university public was invited to get to know the newly appointed professors, who introduced themselves in short talks with information on their professional background and their main research areas. The Rector encouraged them to commit themselves to the university not only as teachers and researchers, but with their entire personality.

The event in the Great Hall of the Old University, which took place on 22 February 2024, was followed by a "finale" and the opportunity for personal discussions and exchange in the Bel Etage.

Ibrahim Akin
Medical Faculty Mannheim

Tristan Bereau
Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

Sofia-Iris Bibli
Medical Faculty Mannheim

Lazaro Centanin
Faculty of Biosciences

Sebastian Kohlmann
Medical Faculty Heidelberg

Michela Mapelli
Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

Marko Rancic
Faculty of Engineering Sciences

Lauren Saunders
Faculty of Biosciences

Leif Schröder
Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

Christian Schulz
Medical Faculty Mannheim

Emanuel Schwarz
Medical Faculty Mannheim

Petra Schwer
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

Anja Zeigerer
Medical Faculty Mannheim