A Truly Interstellar Physics Show

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The next Physics Show - at the University of Bonn will take place on Saturday an
The next Physics Show - at the University of Bonn will take place on Saturday and Sunday, September 9 and 10. © Photo: Physic Show all images in original size All rights reserved!

University of Bonn to host much-loved event at 2 pm on September 9 and 10

The University of Bonn’s highly popular Physics Show will be premiering a new program on Saturday, September 9 and Sunday, September 10, starting at 2 pm on both days. Come along to the Wolfgang Paul lecture hall at Kreuzbergweg 28 in Bonn to find out all about the kingdom on the planet Promethea. Can Franzi and Fred help justice win the day? The team led by Prof. Herbert Dreiner will be showcasing all kinds of physics experiments as the plot thickens. Anyone interested can sign up at www.physikshow.uni-bonn.de. 

The Kingdom of Promethea is at risk of stagnating. Its insufferable and self-serving Queen Karina orders the construction of the legendary UÜLGA. She wants this drive, which is said to be faster than light, in order to rule over the whole galaxy. But physicists Franzi and Fred are unable to do as she asks and are forced to flee from the planet Promethea. Pursued by the queen’s henchmen, they embark on an adventure that soon becomes a galactic odyssey in which nobody knows whether justice will prevail.

The two-hour Physics Show combines a gripping plot with fascinating experiments that have it all, from liquid nitrogen, fiery tornadoes and lasers through to lightning and plasma cannons. During the break, a series of hands-on experiments will give the audience a chance to learn new things or just have a bit of fun.

The Physics Show takes place in the Wolfgang Paul lecture hall, Kreuzbergweg 28, at 2 pm on Saturday, September 9 and Sunday, September 10. Admission is free, although you will need to sign up at www.physikshow.uni-bonn.de.