21 years of biomechatronics in Ilmenau: Evolution of a once new subject on its way to becoming established


Speaker: Hartmut Witte, TU Ilmenau

Time: Friday, 17.11.2023, 15:00 h

Place: TU Ilmenau, Faraday Building, Weimarer Straße 32

Admission: 5 Euro

In 2002, the TU Ilmenau founded Germany’s first Department of Biomechatronics at the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The discipline, which uses biological and medical principles to create mechanical products and processes, is based in Ilmenau on a long tradition of technical-biological cybernetics. In his lecture at the TU Ilmenau Bürgercampus, Professor Hartmut Witte recalls the development of his field of biomechatronics. The first ten years were dominated by bionics, i.e. the transferring natural phenomena to technology, and biorobotics. From the very beginning, research was carried out into assistance systems: mechanical and electronic products and processes that support workers in their work. The Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science, which has been in existence since 1954, developed biomechatronic assistance systems for medical prevention, diagnostics, therapy and rehabilitation. And, using the knowledge and experience gained, products of human-robot cooperation, for example active exo-skeletons, which relieve humans of manual work.

In his research, the speaker Hartmut Witte benefits from his interdisciplinary experience as a qualified mechanical engineer and habilitated specialist in anatomy. The latest projects currently underway in his field are concerned with biomechatronic components for minimally invasive robotic precision surgery, for example for the treatment of cancerous tumors.