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Computer Science - 29.01.2020
IT security for the quantum computing age
Project Aquorypt aims to develop defences against the cyber threats of the future Quantum computers will make current security mechanisms vulnerable to new types of cyber attacks - this is a problem f

Event - Social Sciences - 29.01.2020

Astronomy / Space Science - Earth Sciences - 28.01.2020

Career - Economics / Business - 27.01.2020

Event - 24.01.2020

Physics - Career - 22.01.2020
China cannot be ignored
China cannot be ignored
The figures speak for themselves. It is estimated that state expenditure for research and development in China have increased tenfold since 2000.

Psychology - 22.01.2020
Alone Together?
How satisfied are people in so-called mingle relationships? Psychologist Dr Alica Mertens of Heidelberg University explored this question. The results of her research were published in the "Journal of Happiness Studies". In the following interview, Alica Mertens discusses this type of relationship as well as her study.

Social Sciences - Pedagogy - 16.01.2020
Attentiveness and trust are especially effective in combating juvenile crime
Attentiveness and trust are especially effective in combating juvenile crime
Although coming from a disadvantaged background, experiencing violence within the family, having a negative school environment or consuming violent media such as films and computer games have little or no direct influence on potential criminal behaviour among adolescents and young adults.

Health - Life Sciences - 16.01.2020
Ground-breaking ceremony for
Ground-breaking ceremony for "Research Campus East"
At a traditional ground-breaking ceremony today (January 16), building work began officially on a large-scale project worth millions at Coesfelder Kreuz - the so-called Research Campus East, where a l

Physics - Chemistry - 16.01.2020
Pretty with a twist
Pretty with a twist
Complex, porous, chiral nano-patterns arise from a simple linear building blocks Nanoscience can arrange minute molecular entities into nanometric patterns in an orderly manner using self-assembly protocols.

Physics - Materials Science - 15.01.2020
Playing with the wonder materials
Playing with the wonder materials
The diameter of a hair, but a hundred thousand times thinner - the products made by Dr. Ashish Arora and his colleagues in the laboratories of the Institute of Physics are difficult to imagine for outsiders. The materials they deal with on a daily basis hold a world record because they consist of a single layer of atoms, the smallest building blocks of nature.

Health - Life Sciences - 14.01.2020
A life's work for stem cell research
A life’s work for stem cell research
"Tech-Histories Alive" on January 21 with Prof. Christian Peschel A life's work for stem cell research Today blood stem cells are frequently used in therapy to treat leukemia and lymphoma.

Event - 14.01.2020

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