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Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 08.01.2019
Anticancer Drugs Formed through Molecular Evolution
Scientists at Freie Universität Explore Alternative Routes to Drugs against Tumor Cells / Findings published in online journal "Nature Communications" No 002/2019 from Jan 08, 2019 Scientists at Freie Universität Berlin have discovered an alternative route to drugs against tumor cells. The group led by Jörg Rademann from the Institute of Pharmacy examined the protein STAT5, which is responsible for the aggressive growth of human leukemia cells.

Chemistry - Pharmacology - 20.08.2015
Arylboronates made easy
Arylboronates made easy
08/20/2015 Abandoning expensive and toxic materials in chemical synthesis: This is the goal pursued by scientists at the University of Würzburg. In the magazine "Angewandte Chemie", they describe a new way to achieve this goal, a surprise included. Arylboronates are important base materials for the industrial fabrication of countless products, including pharmaceutical drugs, chemicals for agriculture or liquid crystals for displays.

Chemistry - Pharmacology - 17.06.2015
First complexation of multiple CO molecules to a non-metal atom
06/17/2015 For the first time, Würzburg scientists have successfully bound multiple carbon monoxide molecules to the main group element boron. They report on their work in the latest issue of the scientific journal Nature. Scientists of Professor Holger Braunschweig's team of the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Würzburg have successfully bound two carbon monoxide molecules (CO) to the main group element boron in a direct synthesis for the first time.

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