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Location: Würzburg - Region: Bayern
Sanderring 2, 97070 Würzburg

Health - May 18
05/18/2022 - The German government is providing about 2.4 million Euros for a new research group in infectious diseases at JMU Würzburg. Dr. Carmen Aguilar will use this grant to search for new therapeutic approaches against one of the most common and recurrent bacterial infections. About every second woman gets a urinary tract infection once in her life, the cause for which is most often the uropathogenic bacterium Escherichia coli (UPEC).
Health - May 13

05/13/2022 - Life-like organ replicas - so-called 3D organoids - are a good way to research disease processes.

Environment - Apr 25

04/25/2022 - Do pesticides have anything to do with the decline in bee populations? A research team led by the University of Würzburg has investigated - and found a connection between fenbuconazole and the insects' mating behavior.

Physics - Apr 13

04/13/2022 - Adriana Pálffy-Buß has been appointed to the new W2 professorship for Theoretical Quantum Information and Quantum Optics of the Cluster of Excellence ct.qmat.

Physics - Mar 31

03/31/2022 - Award-winning science communication: The game app "Kitty Q" wins "Best Mobile Indie Game" at the Valencia Indie Summit and is nominated for Deutsche Computerspielpreis and children's media award "Goldener Spatz".

Campus - Apr 25

04/25/2022 - The University of Würzburg is starting the 2022 summer semester with around 26,000 students and courses delivered largely in person.

Physics - Apr 21

04/21/2022 - Propelling micrometre-sized drones using light only and exerting precise control: Physicists at the University of Würzburg have succeeded at this for the first time.

Life Sciences - Apr 5
Life Sciences

Dormant herpesviruses induce their reactivation via a previously unknown cellular mechanism mediated by a viral microRNA.

Health - Mar 29

03/29/2022 - Alexander Westermann investigates the intestinal microbiota. He has now been awarded a Starting Grant of 1.5 million euros from the European Research Council (ERC).

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