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Environment - Mar 26
On 19 March, the SONNE will depart on one of its longest expeditions to date. In the southern Atlantic, it will secure the measuring devices of various research institutions. Due to the pandemic, maintenance of these devices could not be carried out last year and now a gigantic loss of data and devices looms on the horizon.
Mathematics - Mar 16

Providing first and second graders with digital support for mental arithmetic and understanding mathematical sets-for this endeavor, Torben Rieckmann, Christopher Hof, and Jonas Vierth have been awarded the EXIST Business Start-up Grant and will also receive support from Universität Hamburg.

Health - Feb 19

The coronavirus has led to a worldwide crisis for over a year. In a new study, nanoscientist Roland Wiesendanger illuminates the origins of the virus.

Environment - Feb 1

A family of Welwitschia already inhabited Earth 112 million years ago. A research team in the Department of Biology at Universität Hamburg has now used short DNA sequences to discover that the only still-living species of Weltwitschia mirabilis has different subspecies.

Environment - Dec 1, 2020

Twelve million euros for research on the exchange of energy between the ocean and the atmosphere Universität Hamburg and the University of Bremen successfully entered the second CRC/Transregio funding phase The German Research Foundation has granted second-phase funding for a joint-project between Universität Hamburg (coordination) and the University of Bremen, alongside other partners.

Pedagogy - Mar 9

In the study "Continuity and Change of Schools in Times of Crisis" (Kontinuität und Wandel der Schule in Krisenzeiten - KWiK), school principals were asked how they are mastering the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic.

Pharmacology - Feb 15

In Germany, the willingness to receive a vaccination has risen slightly from 57 to 62 percent since November.

Earth Sciences - Dec 22, 2020

Each seismic wave that travels through the Earth's crust slightly changes this layer. Cutting-edge sensor technology now allows us to re-evaluate risks such as landslides or the stability of bridges and buildings.

Health - Nov 23, 2020

The research team simulated various lock-down scenarios intended to protect public health and the economy Simulations Strengthen Greater Protection for High-Risk Groups - ly population facilitates a large reduction in mortality and, at the same time, slight economic consequences," says Martin Spindler, co-author of the study and professor of statistics at the University's Faculty of Business.

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