Social Sciences - Oct 19
Research team including agroecologists from Göttingen University study conditions in Peruvian cocoa agroforestry systems. Worldwide demand for food from the tropics that meets higher environmental and social standards has risen sharply in recent years.
Agronomy - Oct 15

International research team including University of Göttingen explains advantages of molecular breeding methods. More than two billion people worldwide suffer from micronutrient malnutrition due to deficiencies in minerals and vitamins.

Life Sciences - Oct 13
Life Sciences

Scientists at the Technical University of Munich derived human organoids from duodenal tissue sections.

Environment - Oct 14

Scientists from the University of Göttingen call for meaningful support for smallholder farmers in Indonesia.

Health - Oct 13

Scientists at the University of Göttingen develop drug for antibody tumour therapy. Chemists at the University of Göttingen have developed new cytotoxic drugs which could revolutionise antibody-based tumour therapy approaches.

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