History / Archeology

An excavation in Turkey has brought to light an unknown Indo-European language. Professor Daniel Schwemer, an expert for the ancient near east from Würzburg, is involved in investigating the discovery.

Computer Science

A new generation of cloud services is on the rise. It is based on the paradigm of "serverless computing", which is an active research topic at the Institute for Computer Science in Würzburg.

Life Sciences - Sep 20
Life Sciences

Today, there exist only three elephant species, in Africa and Asia. Yet the diversity of proboscidean species and their distribution was significantly greater in the Earth's past.

Physics - Sep 21

Team of researchers including Göttingen University detect Magnus effect at microscopic level.

Environment - Sep 20

Plants are often attributed with abilities similar to those known in the animal or human world. Trees are said to have feelings and can therefore care for their offspring, like mothers. In an article in the review journal "Trends in Plant Science", 32 international plant and forest researchers followed up on such assertions. Led by Prof. David G. Robinson, professor emeritus for cell biology at the Centre for Organismal Studies (COS) of Heidelberg University, the researchers analysed the claims in two popular publications on forests and reached the conclusion that conjecture is equated with fact. They warn against "anthropomorphising" plants.

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