Environment - Mar 8
MUCCnet allows quantification of urban greenhouse gas emissions - Munich is home to the world's first fully automated sensor network for measuring urban greenhouse gas emissions based on ground-based remote sensing of the atmosphere. It has been developed by scientists in the group of Jia Chen, Professor of Environmental Sensing and Modeling at the Technical University of Munich (TUM).
Life Sciences - Mar 8

Study at University of Cologne shows that the exchange of genes drives functional changes in bacteria very rapidly / Publication in PNAS

Astronomy - Mar 5

Research team with Göttingen University participation plans to test atmospheric models of the rocky planet

Pharmacology - Mar 5

An international research team has developed a model that predicts growth rates and resistance mechanisms of common bacterial mutants at different drug doses / Publication in 'Nature Ecology & Evolution'

Life Sciences - Mar 4
Life Sciences

Scientists at Göttingen University discover structural changes in adult mice brains as seen in young animals

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