Breakthrough for battery production with sulphur cathodes

Materials Science

Electromobility and portable electronic devices such as laptops and cell phones are unthinkable without the use of lithium-ion batteries. The problem: highly toxic materials such as cobalt are often used for the cathodes of these batteries, which endanger the environment and the health of people in the countries where they are mined. In addition, the reserves of these metals are very limited.

Physics - Apr 19

2D materials rotate light polarisation


German-Indian research team achieves further step towards miniaturised optical isolators / For on-chip integration of optical computer technologies.

Life Sciences - Apr 18

Does a Molecular Mechanism Protect against Traumatic Memories?

Life Sciences

Neuroscientists identify effect of a protein that controls memories of fear-ridden events at the biological level.

Life Sciences - Apr 18

Environmental changes influence microbial diversity

Life Sciences

Environmental changes influence microbial communities, which are crucial for the health of the earth and humans.

Peptides on Interstellar Ice

Peptides are organic compounds that play a crucial role in many biological processes, for example, as enzymes.

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