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Health - Jan 14
01/14/2022 - Do we have our best ideas while walking? Indeed, but even small movements while sitting improve creativity, as two researchers have discovered. Movement helps us to think creatively. This insight is over 2000 years old - and already known to the philosophers in ancient Greece. However, what is the connection between movement and cognition from a scientific point of view? What happens in the brain when we walk? Are people who rarely move less creative? "Our research shows that it is not movement per se that helps us to think more flexibly," says neuroscientist Dr Barbara Händel from Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg (JMU) in Bavaria, Germany.
Career - Jan 10

Cancer researcher Dr Kai Kretzschmar wants to find out why oral cancers are so heterogeneous. He is receiving funding of 1.77 million euros for this project.

Physics - Dec 22, 2021

12/22/2021 - The award-winning game app Kitty Q from the Würzburg-Dresden Cluster of Excellence ct.qmat is drawing wider circles: In January, a series of explainer videos will be launched.

Health - Dec 15, 2021

12/15/2021 - Seeing masked people can activate pre-existing fear of coronavirus infection. A more positive image for masks could remedy the situation.

Life Sciences - Nov 29, 2021
Life Sciences

11/29/2021 - The cells of a certain tumour type, called neuroblastoma, divide very rapidly. This rapid division can have potentially fatal consequences for them.

Physics - Dec 23, 2021

12/23/2021 - Researchers from Konstanz, Novosibirsk and Würzburg make it possible to read out optically indistinguishable spin states with a new spectroscopy method - published in "Science".

Computer Science - Dec 20, 2021
Computer Science

/2021 A new camera system has gone into test operation at the University of Würzburg. It is designed to detect unidentified aerial phenomena using artificial intelligence methods.

Physics - Dec 14, 2021

12/14/2021 The development of a topological laser network by a team of the Cluster of Excellence ct.qmat is among the top ten nominations for the "Breakthrough of the Year Award".

Life Sciences - Nov 24, 2021
Life Sciences

11/24/2021 - Monarch butterflies employ a sun compass on their long-distance migration. Surprisingly, a new study shows that the compass is only established during flight.

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