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Social Sciences

Urban inequality in Europe and the United States is so severe that urban elites claim most of the benefits from the agglomeration effects that big cities provide, while large parts of urban populations get little to nothing. In a study published in Nature Human Behaviour, researchers at Linköping University and Leipzig University show that the higher-than-expected outputs of larger cities critically depend on the extreme outcomes of the successful few.

Developmental and clinical psychologist Tina Malti is the new Alexander von Humboldt Professor at Leipzig University.

Physics - Jan 17

Physicists at Leipzig University have once again gained a deeper understanding of the mechanism behind superconductors. This brings the research group led by Professor Jürgen Haase one step closer to their goal of developing the foundations for a theory for superconductors that would allow current to flow without resistance and without energy loss. The researchers found that in superconducting copper-oxygen bonds, called cuprates, there must be a very specific charge distribution between the copper and the oxygen, even under pressure.

Psychology - Jan 12

Children between the ages of three and sixteen have an increased risk of developing psychiatric disorders as a result of emotional maltreatment. In younger children, the consequences are mainly seen in their behaviour, and in adolescents more in the form of anxiety and depression. These are the findings of a study conducted by researchers at Leipzig University Hospital in cooperation with other German universities.

Health - Dec 20, 2022

A research team at the University of Leipzig Medical School has discovered a new mechanism associated with severe childhood obesity. A genetic alteration leads to an unusual expression of a gene related to the control of the feeling of hunger. Until now, this alteration has not been detected with general genetic diagnostics in obesity. The important findings were published in the renowned journal Nature Metabolism.

Pharmacology - Jan 19

Results of a controlled clinical trial with a new drug for the treatment of X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy To date, no pharmacological treatment exists for X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy, a progressive genetic metabolic disease that damages the adrenal glands, the spinal cord and the white matter of the nervous system.

Physics - Jan 13

Seemingly spontaneously coordinated swarm behaviour exhibited by large groups of animals is a fascinating and striking collective phenomenon. Experiments conducted by researchers at Leipzig University on laser-controlled synthetic microswimmers now show that supposed swarm intelligence can sometimes also be the result of simple and generic physical mechanisms.

Campus - Jan 11

News from The fact that researchers work according to rules and standards is a key reason for the high levels of trust in academia - which makes it all the more harmful when these rules are broken. Leipzig University takes this issue seriously with its Statutes on Safeguarding Good Academic Practice, a new version of which came into force in autumn 2022.

Health - Dec 20, 2022

A research team at Leipzig University's Faculty of Medicine has discovered a new mechanism that is associated with severe obesity in children. This genetic rearrangement leads to an unusual expression of a gene involved in hunger control and is not detected by most routine genetic tests for obesity. The findings were published in the journal Nature Metabolism.

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