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Environment - Jun 21
A long-term warm water body that continues to warm has now been discovered by a team from the CLICCS Cluster of Excellence at the University of Hamburg. It is three million square kilometers in size, is due to the human-induced increase in greenhouse gases, and favors extreme heat waves in the Northeast Pacific.
Innovation - Jun 9

Capital or advice, private or public: in Hamburg, there is a range of support for potential entrepreneurs who wish to launch a company. A new databank set up in the Faculty of Business Administration at Universität Hamburg is now offering a comprehensive and transparent overview.

Environment - Jun 9

Since Monday, 30 May 2022, Last Generation activists have been occupying the University's Audimax II on the Von-Melle Campus.

Pharmacology - Jun 9

Two-thirds of the German population are concerned about new corona mutations; one-fifth of the population is very worried. At the same time, fewer and fewer people are prepared to renew their vaccinations, as the current representative European COvid Survey (ECOS) from May 2022 has revealed. The survey is regularly conducted by the Hamburg Center for Health Economics (HCHE) at Universität Hamburg, with over 8,000 people in 8 countries taking part.

Astronomy - Jun 8

For 7 years, an international research team that included the Hamburg Observatory of Universität Hamburg gathered data for a new sky map depicting 4.4 million galaxies. Previously, these galaxies were unknown. The map has now been published in the journal "Astronomy & Astrophysics".

Laboratory - Jun 9

To study valuable manuscripts and other written artefacts around the world, the Understanding Written Artefacts cluster of excellence at Universität Hamburg has developed a mobile laboratory. The first mobile unit has now been delivered. In the fall, it will be sent to India so that researchers there can study palm-leaf manuscripts that belong to the world's document heritage.

Social Sciences - Jun 9
Social Sciences

Head for the city! In a series of public lectures, Universität Hamburg researchers switch the classroom for more unusual venues to give their talks to the Hamburg public. The first dates have now been set.

Life Sciences - Jun 8
Life Sciences

Changes in the brain caused by early childhood experiences are not entirely irreversible. This is the conclusion reached in a recent study by researchers at Universität Hamburg, led by the psychologist and neuroscientist Brigitte Röder.

Music - Jun 8

How should profits from music streaming services be paid out to artists? The discussion is never-ending because with the current model, users also pay for music they don't listen to. A new study by marketing experts at Universität Hamburg and the Kühne Logistic University has now calculated the impact. The findings were published in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science .

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