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Location: Bochum - Nordrhein-Westfalen
Universitätsstraße 150, 44801 Bochum


New Ways to Fine Tune Electrochemistry

Chemistry - Apr 11

Scientists have found new paths to steer and optimize electrochemical processes. Optimizing electrochemical reactions is essential for the transition to renewable energies. In electrochemical reactions, electric currents and potential differences are used to binding and induce reactions. Electrochemistry is a pre-requisite for hydrogen production, and for batterie technology, and thus for sustainable chemistry.

Health - Apr 9

When and How Does Touch Make a Difference?


A hug can have a beneficial effect. Even when it comes from a robot.

Physics - Mar 28

Transporting spin information at the speed of light


Scientists have successfully modulated magnetic information using electrical pulses while converting it into a polarized light signal. This discovery could revolutionize long-distance optical telecommunications.

What Makes Birds So Smart?

Life Sciences

Researchers at Ruhr University Bochum explain how it is possible for the small brains of pigeons, parrots and corvids to perform equally well as those of mammals, despite their significant differences.

Life Sciences - Feb 20

Where Neural Stem Cells Feel at Home

Life Sciences

Injuries in the central nervous system heal poorly because cavities scar. Researchers hope to remedy this problem by filling the cavities in such a way that stem cells feel comfortable in them.

Health - Apr 9

When and how touch is good for you


A hug can have a soothing effect. Even if it comes from a robot

Life Sciences - Mar 15

Same Target, Different Effects

Life Sciences

Even if they attack the same target in the bacterial cell, the cellular response to different antibiotics can vary.

Health - Mar 1

Too much niacin increases the risk of cardiovascular disease


Too much niacin increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, is freely available as a dietary supplement .

Health - Feb 19

Physical activity counteracts the negative consequences of being alone


Physical activity in everyday life has the potential to compensate for the negative consequences of being alone on well-being - especially in psychologically and neurobiologically vulnerable people.