Ranking: Münster University is the fastest rising institution in Germany

The ’Nature Index’ considers publications in major scientific journa

The ’Nature Index’ considers publications in major scientific journals from the natural and life sciences. © Nature Index

According to the scientific journal "Nature", the University of Münster has gained the most in Germany in the strength of its scientific publications between 2015 and 2018. Internationally, it is thus in sixth place - the top three fastest rising institutions are the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich in Switzerland and the US Princeton University.

In their press release, Nature's editors emphasise that Münster University, with more than 550 partnership agreements - from the Netherlands to China - has developed into a strong international player with a particular strength in chemical research.

By the end of June, the Nature Index, which is published once a year, had already shown that Münster University is one of the most prominent research institutions in the natural and life sciences. The "Nature Index" includes scientific publications in 82 important journals from the previous year. This ranking now also includes the ranking of the most strongly increased publication performance.

Nature based its assessment on the so-called fractional count - a value that takes into account the percentage of participating authors of an institution in the total number of participating authors. Since scientific research is usually carried out in cooperation, many different scientists from a wide variety of working groups around the world are often involved in a single project.

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