Marking the Halfway Point

Bergfest - a time for students to celebrate what they’ve achieved and powe
Bergfest - a time for students to celebrate what they’ve achieved and power up for what’s left! © Photo: Meike Böschemeyer/University of Bonn all images in original size All rights reserved!

The University of Bonn is inviting students to celebrate their Bergfest in the Botanic Garden on Wednesday, June 28

The Central Study Advisory and Counseling Service will be hosting the Bergfest - an occasion for students to celebrate what they have achieved and power up for what’s left - for the first time on Wednesday, June 28, from 2 pm to 5 pm. 

At the Bergfest, the University of Bonn wants to join with its students in recognizing the progress they have made so far and give them renewed energy to see their studies through-strengthen their sense of personal responsibility and self-determination, in other words. The event is intended for students from their second or third semester onward: the halfway point in their studies depends on their number of program-related semesters, not on how many credit points they have earned so far.

Besides information stalls run by the various central service points and counseling services, there will also be sporting activities on offer plus self-reflection exercises and a "poster walk" all about study skills such as time management, career guidance and preparing for examinations. At the empowerment stations, meanwhile, practical exercises will give students the opportunity to explore their skills, their self-esteem and how they make decisions. Participants will get the chance to relax and chat on comfy sun loungers over free snacks and drinks.

All further details of the schedule and program for the Bergfest can be found at­ng/organiz­ing-your-s­tudies/dur­ing-your-s­tudies/cop­y2_of_berg­fest?set_l­anguage=en