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Administration/Government - Literature/Linguistics
Why travel to distant lands?
Not everyone is able, or even wants, to spend time abroad – especially as not every course of study includes a compulsory semester abroad.
Careers/Employment - Business/Economics
"We are always delighted to receive applications from people with international experience"
Münster University sees itself not only as being rooted in the local region, but also as having an international orientation – in teaching, in research, among students and among its administrative staff.
Administration/Government - Careers/Employment
"International experience is a positive criterion for recruitment."
Münster University sees itself not only as being rooted in the local region, but also as having an international orientation - in teaching, in research, among students and among its administrative staff.
History/Archeology - Social Sciences
"The Humanities have always been pioneers to internationalization"
There is a quick, clear answer to any question about his roots: Abitur in Schweinfurt (Bavaria), then university studies, PhD and a professorship at the Universities of Erlangen, Canterbury, Cambridge and Cologne.
Event - Administration/Government
The Erasmus programme has a lot to offer
When Anita and Jonathon Watson, both 31, think back today to Erasmus - i.e. the well-known exchange programme set up by the European Union in 1987 to enable students to spend time at universities abroad - it has now acquired a completely new dimension for them.
Chemistry - Life Sciences
Environmental Sciences
The fog clears
The fog clears
Fog is formed through a fine distribution of water droplets in the air. It is an everyday meteorological phenomenon - but it is becoming ever rarer.
Medicine/Pharmacology - Chemistry
Looking further afield
Different skills, joint research: 1st November sees the start of four new pilot projects within the Cell-in-Motion (CiM) Cluster of Excellence at Münster University.
Interested in working for the EU?
Interested in working for the EU?
Rebecca Melzer, a 21-year-old student at the University of Münster, has been internationally-minded almost all her life: from holidays in the Netherlands as a child to work placements in France during her school and university years.
Administration/Government - Medicine/Pharmacology
Removing the virtual border
Removing the virtual border
The universities of Münster and Twente have been collaborating since 1979, but in their search for common research funding they still have to deal with the border that lies between them.
Physics/Materials Science - Microtechnics/Electroengineering
"The chemistry’s right here - and so is the physics"
MüNSTER/TWENTE. For many experts, nanotechnology is a key technology for the future. At the Universities of Münster and Twente, both national and international researchers are engaged on intensive work on just this future, and many of them are working closely together.
Administration/Government - Business/Economics
Speed-dating for bright minds with homesickness
Speed-dating for bright minds with homesickness
Here a nice discussion among fellow students; at the next stand, some quick advice about the Emmy-Noether Programme – Matthias Fischer strolls with great composure through the Golden Gate A hall of the San Francisco Marriott Marquis hotel.
"Crossing Borders"
Internationalization is a hot topic at many universities, and so it is for Münster and Twente. Both institutions are looking for partnerships all over the globe.
Physics/Materials Science - Life Sciences
Capturing light - for the computers of tomorrow
Light is ideally suited to data transfer, as it can transmit large quantities of information in a very short time, and is an indispensable part of the IT world of today and tomorrow.
Inspired by the chemistry of the eye
Inspired by the chemistry of the eye
Nature can do it, and chemists in the lab often dream of doing it: producing substances simply and ecologically – as far as possible without any undesirable side-products.
Life Sciences - Chemistry
Scientists meet in Münster for the world's largest Chitin and Chitosan Conference
Scientists meet in Münster for the world’s largest Chitin and Chitosan Conference
Chitosan is a real all-rounder – a sustainable raw material with very useful properties. For example: the substance obtained from chitin stimulates the immune system.
Study of Religions - Social Sciences
Catholics advocate the recognition of different realities of life
At first, it was only meant to be a small contribution to an initiative started by Pope Francis to conduct a survey entitled Ask the Faithful! But then the reaction to the questionnaire (www.soscisu
Environmental Sciences - Life Sciences
Rubber from dandelions
Rubber from dandelions
In a joint project between scientists of the Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology IME, the Department of Biology and Biotechnology (IBBP) at the University of Münster and the
Medicine/Pharmacology - Physics/Materials Science
Breathing allowed
Breathing allowed
In future doctors will be able to take more sharply defined pictures of their patients' interiors when making clinical images – and entirely without any bothersome aids.
Business/Economics - Administration/Government
Wayfinding Through Orientation
State-of-the art navigation systems still adhere to the principles of turn-by-turn navigation (left).

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