Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

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Chemistry - Physics/Materials Science
Highly discreet, readily detectable
LMU chemists have synthesized a new dye that absorbs near infrared light, and is particularly suitable for the inconspicuous labelling of textiles.
Environmental Sciences - Life Sciences
Reading the smoke signals
Laser-based measurements permit detailed analyses of the amounts of carbon dioxide released by the burning of tropical peatlands - and the data show that the answers depend on how many previous fires have raged in the same spot.
Physics/Materials Science - Chemistry
Film in 4D with ultrashort electron pulses
Physicists of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich shorten electron pulses down to 30 femtoseconds duration.
Chemistry - Mechanical Engineering/Mechanics
Pirouetting in the spotlight
LMU-scientists have developed a new class of molecular motors that rotate unidirectionally at speeds of up to 1 kHz when exposed to sunlight at room temperature.
Physics/Materials Science - Medicine/Pharmacology
Ferenc Krausz named Thomson Reuters Citation Laureate
LMU physicist Ferenc Krausz is one of Thomson Reuters' Citation Laureates 2015. This distinction is reserved for researchers whose highly cited publications have had an especially significant impact on their respective fields.
Physics/Materials Science - Chemistry
Nanostructures for contactless control
Chemists at LMU have fabricated a novel nanosheet-based photonic crystal that changes color in response to moisture.

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