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# "Science Wire" gives access to latest science news from universities, research centers and R&D companies.
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Physics/Materials Science - Life Sciences
Capturing light - for the computers of tomorrow
Light is ideally suited to data transfer, as it can transmit large quantities of information in a very short time, and is an indispensable part of the IT world of today and tomorrow.
Inspired by the chemistry of the eye
Nature can do it, and chemists in the lab often dream of doing it: producing substances simply and ecologically – as far as possible without any undesirable side-products.
Good to know: Latest version of study broschure online
Life Sciences - Chemistry
Neue biowissenschaftliche Masterprogramme
Life Sciences
Rubber from dandelions
International Students Research Institutions and Facilities Living in Münster About Dandelions are robust and undemanding plants – from which a desirable product can be extracted: rubber.
Medicine/Pharmacology - Physics/Materials Science
Breathing allowed
International Students Research Institutions and Facilities Living in Münster About Working on methods to produce more sharply focused PET images: medical physicist Dr. Florian Büther (l.) and nuclear medicine specialist Dr. Thomas Vehren.
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